Thank you @bharianmy! #mtvworldstage2014
Thank you instageorgey for dropping by! #enewsasia
Me at my 100%. Teaching kids how to make their Tiny Forest at @tinyforestsj.
Hello everyone! Don't forget to check out my songs for Lagenda Budak Setan movie, Bicara and Lautan.
Terima kasih kepada semua yg dtg HMI Terbaik Yuna tadi, sorry tak dapat bergambar dgn semua! InshaAllah kita jumpa lagi next time!
Tonight! RTM Hiburan Minggu Ini Terbaik Yuna. Free tau. Come!! Auditorium Perdana Angkasapuri 8pm!
I say if you really want something go for it.
The kids also donated to the #MercyMalaysia humanitarian fund today at our @tinyforestsj terrarium workshop!
Annika, the detail in this ink drawing is incredible. Thank you so much for using your talent to draw me!
Happy Saturday! What do you have planned for today?