Whenever @hattadolmathdc and I work together we make pretty clothes like this.
My prayers for those affected by the earthquake in Kathmandu, Nepal. This was one of the strongest earthquakes recorded.
It's been a minute since I last worked with the amazing @hana_tajima. Let me tell you one thing, she's still pretty damn amazing.
With that, I am back. Let's be amazing together. Let's get back to work. Let's create.
The dimly lit stars instead of the brighter than ever moon who lit up your darkest nights, your raging sea, in your worst storms.
Catch Yuna performing some of her biggest hits on the E! Music Special: Yuna, premieres April 28th, Tuesday, 11pm on Astro Channel 712. Stand a cha...
Check out what i was back in KL for recently. @pockymalaysia <3
I'm gonna take a break from social media, and do some soul searching. I'll come back when I have some art to share. Be well.
Shut down
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