November starts tomorrow!! Come and shop at my store @novemberculture, make tinyforestsj terrariums
Don't miss it tomorrow on 31st October 2014!
Powerful. Two Blind Sisters See for the First Time: via @YouTube
RT @adamyousofunny: Please check out our new short film directed by @quekshiochuan, Sunflowers. Through death, we must appreciate life…
So peaceful, eventhough you can hear the trains passing by (our village is known for this)& you could see the sunset from the burial ground.
Finally said goodbye to my late Uncle Sham with a reading of surah al-Yasin, in our kampung yesterday.
My parents just celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary. Thank you ma & ba for showing me the true meaning of love, respect, & loyalty.
RT @staronline: Dr M: Nothing to stop a woman becoming PM
The Jaguar Malaysia website is live! Go down to and check it out! #howaliveareyou #jaguar Jaguar

The New York Times: Yuna Has Become Poster Girl for Young ‘Hijabsters’

October 13, 2014