Reminder! Terrarium workshop for kids this weekend with @tinyforestsj is still available!! Details on Instagram!
The beauty of thinking before you act. Ala. Bukan susah pon. Think je la kan. Weigh the consequences. Nanti takde la menyesal mcm skang kan.
New arrivals on! Red and magenta glitter hijabs
RT @TeamYuna: Thank you #Yunaverse . Hope you enjoy from HLive to E! News Asia. Thank you @yunamusic for tonight. We love you!! #WeLoveYuna
Don't forget to watch me on E! News Asia special tonight! 10pm channel 712 on Astro!
HELLO FRIENDS!! tinyforestsj is back with their workshop for kids and now.. with 3 sessions this
Hello! @tinyforestsj is having another workshop this weekend! Follow our Instagram for more info! Go go go!!
Don't forget to watch me on my very own E! News Special tomorrow (25th November 2014) and stand a chance to win passes to my showcase on the 3rd of...

“Lights And Camera” Featuring G-Eazy Available at iTunes Now!

November 18, 2014
New Music! Check out the premiere of my new remix for "Lights And Camera" featuring the one and only G-Eazy via --->