It is true. This is where your patience will be tested in all types of ways.
Just posted a photo @ Jabbal Tsur
Not now. Be strong..not now.. not ever. Be strong.
RT @SaadTasleem: Don't make your heartache the reason for someone else's.
Learning so much about myself & my beliefs. And so much about what I need and don't need in my life on this trip.
Now you can request Yuna's LANGIT to all your favourite radio stations! #keepflying with Malaysia Airlines
My condolences to Aina's family. Her smile will forever be with me. My thoughts & prayers are with you. Al-Fatihah
Safely in Madinah.
Yuna recently sat down with Ernie Ball Guitar Strings (And Other Products) for a Set Me Up Session, which features an awesome acoustic rendition of...

Yuna’s New Video “Broke Her” Premieres on The FADER!

December 4, 2014